Why I use caddy

I’ve used pretty much every popular web server out there. Apache 1, Apache 2, nginx, and most recently OpenLiteSpeed, and currently Caddy v2. Why do I choose caddy? Certainly it’s less popular and some would argue less capable than say nginx or apache2. For instance let’s look at my configuration for caddy for this website: …

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FontRevival is here!

It took longer than I expected but FontRevival is here! It’s my latest addition to everything I develop for. After a good couple weeks of hard work, I have successfully brewed up my latest modul: FontRevival. As the name suggests this is a module for your font theming and emoji theming needs, allowing you to …

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Webview Switcher – first alpha release!

Long time no update! This release is the first update in the 7.0 series. It’s a huge overhaul of the old module. NOTE: migration isn’t supported, it’ll clean install. This doesn’t have all the features I wanted, that’s waiting until alpha 2. This is most definitely an alpha release so it will have bugs! Changelog: …

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Why I run ads

It’s really ironic. I use AdGuard, and develop a magisk module that increases privacy and can block ads. Yet, I’m running ads on my site. Allow me to explain. I’ve been seeing unprecedented amounts of traffic on my sites. In fact, almost 7,000 visitors last month alone. That’s no small number of visitors. Donations are …

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New: Bitwarden host

Hey it’s me again!

I’m happy to bring you the latest in my suite of self-hosted services: a Bitwarden server!

Bitwarden is an audited, open source, end to end zero knowledge encrypted password management platform with a whole suite of neat features like login management, credit card saving, custom fields for logins, identity management, small file upload, password breach checking and more!

This instance has Premium pre-activated as well, so the sky is the limits!