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Hello! I’m Alexandria. You may of seen my magisk modules, custom ROMs, custom recoveries, or my other projects!

I am now a 24 year old woman of Spanish american descent born in Chicago. I’m adopted; my parents died in a car crash not long after I turned thirteen. After my parents death, I went off the rails a bit. Thanks to my now best friend Chloe I was able to put my life back together.

I finished high-school and took a few years off to save up for college, after starting then realizing I didn’t have the money. I’m currently attending college for a degree in business because I strongly believe there’s not enough high level businesswomen.

My hobbies include android development, reading, and listening to music.

My favorite color is black, favorite book series Harry Potter, and favorite song “Behind These Hazel Eyes” by Kelly Clarkson.

I develop many side projects, and if you’d like to see them continue click here! Or subscribe to my Patreon.

Projects I support

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is fighting for our internet freedom and rights. Visit them at https://eff.org

Want to improve your privacy? Not sure how? There’s a collection of tools for you! Just head over to https://privacytools.io to learn more.

The Tor Project is out to fight internet surveillance and censorship. By using multiple layers of encryption, being open source, among other obfuscation techniques they help anyone from bypassing a proxy to getting around government censorship. Find out more at https://torproject.org

Things I develop for

Magisk and magisk modules
Magisk and magisk modules

Magisk is a system-less root method for an unlocked android device. By system-less, I mean it does not touch the /system, /vendor, or /product partitions (those are required to have a functioning device!). Root is higher level access to a device than a normal user, meaning you can modify things the OEM has blocked you from modifying. Magisk modules are install-able zips that can be flashed to provide some really cool tweaks, a couple of which I develop! I currently develop three magisk modules for theming, privacy and more. Ready to get started?

Android ROM

Android ROMs are custom firmware flashed to an Android device. Now, I’m sure some of you out there are like “those are dangerous”, and this is simply not true. Quite often custom ROMs merge security patches sooner than OEMs, and include patches OEMs do not. They perform better most of the time, and can usually be tweaked to your hearts’ desire. What are you waiting for? Flash something today!

Custom recovery

Custom recoveries on most Android devices are customized versions of your recovery (stock recovery only allows factory reset and sometimes updating – boring!). They can usually flash ROMs, manage files, flash other mods, and more! They are a very handy thing to have around.


Links to my discord, telegram, and contact form are below. Please be aware I’m rarely active on discord.


Webview Switcher (formerly Bromite Systemless Webview) [Magisk modules]

A Magisk module to change your WebView to something more privacy respecting on Android. Bromite is faster, more secure, and has enhanced privacy features

A WebView handles rendering web content in non web browser apps (for example, email apps, google app, play store app).

Fontifier [Magisk Modules]

The new way to theme every don’t and emoji! Simply download and install, then follow the instructions to select one of over 200 fonts!

Compatible with all devices and most recent ROMs. Some apps may not respect system emoji set.

MagiskFixes [Magisk Modules]

A collection of fixes for Magisk on various devices.

Helps with GSI, Pixel, and motorola incompatibility with Magisk. Things like root prompt not popping up are addressed.

Please note that only the issues reported to me can potentially be fixed! Head to my telegram chat to report them.

Havoc-OS for the Motorola Z3 Play

Not official but fully functional!

A custom ROM/firmware for the Motorola Z3 Play boasting a wide selection of features and tweaks to enhance your android experience. Everyone’s sure to find what they want in Havoc!

PitchBlack Recovery for OnePlus 7 Pro

A custom recovery, with a unique UI and handy tools, built to enhance your android experience. Includes useful things like Magisk installer and uninstaller, app manager, and Magisk module manager. Even can remove problematic substratum overlays!

These are official builds.

GitLab instance

A source code hosting platform built around usability for everyone. Highly functional and easy to use, wherever you go with a mobile friendly interface. Personally I prefer it over Github because it’s free to self host

Also hosts source code for my various projects!

Tor relay

A Tor Relay is part of the decentralized Tor Network, an effort to combat censorship and promote internet freedom. It’s used for things like journalists in mainland China, and people fighting oppressive regimes.

No longer in operation

File Hosting site

Various files I’ve collected and might be useful to others, for example all the stuff I build myself. Also some magisk modules, ROMs, and more.

[email protected] client

[email protected] is a decentralized effort to use spare computing power to solve scientific mysteries such as a cure for COVID-19. Note I’m only sporadically active now.

Bitwarden Vault

Bitwarden is an open source, audited platform for end to end encrypted (e2e) password, note, login, and bank details storage and sync. Everything uses zero knowledge encryption, not even I can see what you save.

Bitwarden site is https://bitwarden.com. My implementation uses bitwarden_rs (github.com).